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11 Sept 2015

Sideshow Collectibles 1/6th scale Scout Trooper

Another classic Star Wars original trilogy trooper finally joined the collection recently with the release of the Sideshow Scout Trooper! And overall it's a pretty damn impressive figure.

Here's the link to my full video review on the trooper. Hope you can check it out! For more pics and descriptions, scroll on down below too! :)

The packaging is the usual black and grey Star Wars styled box with photos of the figure. Nice and simple.

Accessories are decent, especially if you got the exclusive version that includes the long sniper rifle. The trooper really does look a lot better with the longer weapon! Also love the diorama styled base with the logs and rocks. Adds a nice touch to the display.

People have complained that the helmet is too long in the face. But I think it looks fine. The weathering over the armor and pouches is subtle and blends together quite well in hand.

And here is the new Scout Trooper along with his other OT brethren! Love how these troopers look together! Now just waiting on his Speeder Bike next! :)

Head on over to Sideshow Collectibles for all the order details! :)

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