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13 Sept 2015

Takara Unite Warriors UW-02 Menasor

Takara released their second set in the Unite Warriors line with UW-02 Menasor. As always, overall the Takara paint app is far better than their Hasbro counterparts. But nothing will save a bad design, and the hips on the combined mode Menasor are still rediculous resulting in a body way out of proportion!

Here's my full review of the set on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel. I compare it against each Hasbro figure from my previous reviews, so hope you can check it out :)

The packaging art is great as it was with Superion too. The Stunticons here really do shine most when they are in their individual modes, especially alt modes.

But combined together, the body proportions pretty much ruin everything. I think Superion looks far better in every way!

One way to really enhance the Combiner Wars / Unite Warriors figures is definitely with the Perfect Effect upgrade sets! The hands and feet sets for Superion and Menasor are fantastic!

Here's my video review below with some additional photos too :)

They larger feet that provide more articulation make a world of difference!

Make sure to follow the links in the video descriptions to head on over to Robotkingdom and pick up these things for yourself! :)

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