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25 Jan 2016

Takara Transformers Masterpiece repaints in Diaclone and Micro Change colours

Takara ended 2015 with a bang with three quick releases in succession in repaints utilising the Lamborghini, Corvette, and Volkswagon Beetle molds. I love that they're doing the Diaclone and Micro Change repaints as homages to the original series of toys that preceded the G1 Transformers toys as we know them.

Here are my full video reviews of each one over on the channel :)

MP-14C Clampdown:

MP-21R Red Bumblebee:

MP-26 Road Rage:

Packaging and contents:

Together with the other Diaclone repaints, they simply look awesome together! I am really hoping they announce a MP-22 Powered Convoy repaint soon!! :)

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