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29 Feb 2016

Inflames Toys x Newsoul Toys Journey to the West Sha Wujing (Sandy)

I was previously most impressed with the Inflames Toys Sun Wukong (Monkey) 1/6th scale figure in their new Journey to the West line. The build quality was exceptional, and right up there with the best of Hot Toys and Sideshow.

So when they announced the other characters in this troupe, starting with Sha Wujing (Sandy), I preordered straight away. And it certainly does not disappoint. In fact, I'd say it's a better release than Sun Wukong is almost every way!

Here's my full review of this amazing figure over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel.

The packaging has the sort of beautiful artwork and foam protection that you see with the very best Hot Toys DX figures. And the huge array of accessories puts to shame pretty much most of what the other 1/6th scale companies put out these days, especially for the price point!

The attention to detail in the accessories is incredible. Beautiful use of materials, patterns, and paint application really showcase what a little effort can produce in this scale. They all fit perfectly to take this figure to the next level in terms of accuracy to the TV show and its original ancient source material.

The paint app on the head sculpt does not have the realism of Hot Toys, but is certainly a step above the flat and overly dark paint apps on Sideshow figures. The sculpt itself is very accurate to the TV show actor from the 1970s/80s iconic Chinese series.

The costume, as it was with Sun Wukong, is another higlight. So many layers, and beautiful use of realistic materials that just makes the figure really have some presence on display. The cloth outfit flows nicely, and certain areas and ties are aided by wires for poseability. The detailing overall is second to none, right down to the little laces on the shoes.

Together with Sun Wukong, this new Sha Wujing figure simply looks incredible. Now that Inflames Toys have teased the rest of the troupe with Zhu Bajie and Tang Sanzang coming later this year (and with the White Dragon Horse no less!), this will be an amazing troupe to display for any fan of Chinese mythology and literature. I for one could not be happier that these are being released in such high quality. Highly recommended!

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