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27 Feb 2016

Sideshow Collectibles C-3PO 1/6th scale figure

Well in mid-January 2016 the Sideshow Threepio was finally released to complement their previous R2-D2 figure. I was looking forward to getting the figure since I really did want a weathered version to go with his droid friend.

But as you'll see in the video review below, I had a few issues with some paint defects that ultimately meant I got a refund from Sideshow since they wouldn't send me a replacement.

Main issues on mine were the paint marks/scratches that were not the intentional weathering effects, and also the left arm that was stuck at the joints. There were many other reports in the forums and groups regarding broken pistons.

Hopefully one day I can get this at a sale price, but for now, my Tamashii Nations version will do the job nicely :)

Some pics of the figure below. Overall it looks pretty good, especially next to Artoo. But build quality issues are what ruined it for me. I ended up having to destroy the figure and get a full refund from Sideshow.

Overall in terms of build quality, the Bandai Tamashii Nations Threepio still beats the Sideshow by a wide margin. If only Bandai actually produced the diecast Artoo that they teased along with their Threepio!

Worst defect, that annoyed the crap out of me because of how prominent it looked on display, was this weird paint scratch on his chest. At first I thought it was some weird residue, but it couldnt be rubbed off.

Paint scratches on the hip that affected the gold paint.

Not sure what the hell that weird protrusion is on the back of his head.

I hate it when I see fingerprints in paint applications on figures, especially at this high price point! Sideshow's QC and factory production process should be better than this.

In the end, a bit of a disappointment for me, especially after such a long wait. But I'll check out the sales towards the end of the year and see if I can get it at a discount cheap price.

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