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24 Jul 2016

Hot Toys MMS343 Superman exclusive version from Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice

Trying to keep up with the various incarnations of the Superman and Batman characters . So with the new Batfleck announced, and the revisions on the Superman , I couldn't resist getting the new figure. Overall it's a definitely improvement over the first Man of Steel figure.

For my full video review, click through below to watch over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel. Summary of thoughts and pics further below :)

Packaging is nothing too fancy, but simple is OK with everything looking classy and packed nicely.

Doesn't really come with too many accessories, with the exclusive coming with the kryptonite light-up rock. The LED is pretty bright and gives it a nice green hue. But with such a lack of accessories, it would've been good if they had just included it in all sets!

Biggest improvements for me over the first figure are:

- Better scale in the height against other figures.
- More realistic head sculpt
- Better details on the suit

The worst thing for me about the Man of Steel figure was that it was over-sized and dwarfed many other figures. This new one corrects that and reduces the height. The bulk on the body seems to be bigger too, especially in the thighs. I think they look a bit too chunky, but it seems fairly accurate to the movie.

The chest symbol looks much better with it being wider across the chest. It also has the nice details along with the new suit that has some of the Kryptonian markings on it. The darker colour and texture of the suit I think is also an improvement over the first.

The head sculpt has certainly divided the collecting community. I for one stand in the crowd that think it's an improvement over the Man of Steel. The MoS head sculpt seems almost too stylised in direct comparison, whereas this new one seems more realistic with the steely stare. I think from most angles it also has a better likeness.

The cape is also a huge improvement over the first. The new one has a beautiful texture and drapes very naturally against the body and shoulders in particular. I guess the only complaint I have against the suit is in the ankle area where it bunches up in the crease at the ankle joint. My MoS figure doesn't do this, but it seems to be a common issue with this new figure. You can try to stretch the suit around it, but the crease just comes back.

In the end, I think it's another solid figure from Hot Toys. The detailing in the suit, head sculpt, and better scale certainly makes it fit in better with other figures in my collection. Really looking forward to adding the new Batman and Wonder Woman to complete the Trinity.

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