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19 Jul 2016

BigBoysToysHK Street Fighter The New Challenger TNC-04 Guile

If you follow the page and channel, you'll know that I love Street Fighter. And this statue set line from BigBoysToysHK is a fantastic series for Street Fighter fans. If you used to play Street Fighter 2 in the arcades back in the 90s, this line is made just for you!

The nostalgia I feel when I press that sound and light effect button is great, and all the statues in the series bring back so many memories!

For my full video review, click through below to the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel. More pics are further down :)

The packaging has the same styled artwork on the box, with the nice velcro opening flap.

Once all setup,the statue looks fantastic. As always, the mold and paint work is top-notch, with great details and little touches. I especially love the dog-tag around his neck.

I love that they include the pieces of the arcade game background that broke in-game, such as Guile's wooden crate here or the previous Ken's barrel. It's little touches like this that make this a great homage to the arcade game.

The sound and light effects are classic Guile too, with the original Street Fighter 2 sonic boom sound byte. The spinning light effect of the sonic boom itself is great. They actually changed the rotation direction based on an eagle-eyed fan that pointed out the prototype was actually spinning in the wrong direction! That's what you call great fan service!

Together with the others, the series just makes for an awesome Street Fighter display for fans of the old arcade game. The teaser for Blanka has been shown, and that looks amazing too. Can't wait to get the whole series when they continue releasing sets through 2017!

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