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7 Oct 2016

Bandai Tamashii Nations Star Wars Movie Realization Taikoyaku Stormtrooper

I've loved all the previous figures in this incredible Star Wars Movie Realization line by Bandai. The unique Japanese feudal designs and great build quality make this one of my favourite figure lines. It took a while for the Taikoyaku Stormtrooper to release, but it was definitely worth the wait!

Click the link below to head over to the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel and check out my full video review :)

The box art is the usual classy design similar to the previous figures. The figure and accessories are all packed in a very collector-friendly way.

The accessories are pretty nice with this set, including the drum chest piece, flag and connector for the back, drum beaters, sea shell horn, and array of hands. The overall detailing and paint application is the usual high standard in this line (and expected for this price range and scale!)

My video review shows how to set everything up on the figure, and goes through the articulation as well. Overall, this is another beautiful and uniquely designed Star Wars figure. It reminds me of the classic Stormtrooper design, but with a gorgeous Japanese style that I think will truly stand the test of time!

The Yumi Stormtrooper (Archer) is up next April 2017, and that looks amazing too. I really hope they continue this line for many years to come, and release the characters they teased at SDCC. I highly recommend these to any Star Wars fan!

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