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24 Sept 2016

Hot Toys MMS345 Finn from The Force Awakens

I received the Hot Toys Finn figure a while back, but only just recently found time to give it a review. Check the link below to head over to the Kool Kollectibles channel for the full video review. I do go through the ankle mod, so check it out if you're thinking of doing it too.

The set comes with a fairly decent array of accessories. I especially like the rifle and bag, with both having lots of nice details.

The ankle mod I mentioned is specifically to remove the clear ankle pieces and mod the ankle joints so that they fit into the lower leg. This reduces the height of the figure to bring it more into scale with the other characters such as Rey and Han. Check out the video review for the full details.

Once all setup, the figure is actually very nice, and looks great on display. The jacket in particular is very nicely tailored, and has great quality materials and tailoring. Really looking forward to Rey and BB-8 now!

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