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18 Mar 2017

Transformers Masterpiece MP-35 Grapple

Takara continues to amaze me with these Masterpiece figures. I've pretty much loved all the releases that they've done over the past few years. Some are definitely better than others, and Inferno and now Grapple certainly rank right up the top!

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As with Inferno, Grapple comes with a nice set of accessories, with the solar tower and paper blueprint looking really nice. The swap out bits for the crane are nice too. The best thing about Grapple though are the changes to the base mold used for Inferno.

I was actually surprised at the number of differences that really do separate the figures from each other. The crane transformation and parts of the rear legs are the main parts, but they're all done really elegantly. It shows that the Takara designers really do have a great engineering eye for simple, elegant transformations that retain amazing G1 cartoon aesthetics.

The truck mode is nice, but I love Grapple and Inferno most in bot mode. Improvements were made to Grapple to aid in hip articulation, with some hinged hip panels. The head sculpt and overall paneling details are also very accurate to the cartoon. The yellow paint app and chroming is also nicely done with no major QC issues.

If Takara can continue this amazing design style for all upcoming figures, I think most Transformers collectors will be very happy. The next major figure coming up is the long-awaited new Megatron, which does look to be pretty damn awesome. Can't wait to check that out soon!

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