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16 Mar 2017

BigBoysToysHK Street Fighter TNC-06 Dhalsim

These Street Fighter sets from BigBoysToysHK just seem to get better and better! I've collected all the previous releases with Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Guile, and Blanka (click the links to see the review of each!).

This new Dhalsim is another gorgeous addition to this series that is awesome for any old school Street Fighter fan! Click through below to check out my full review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel :)

The packaging has the same beautiful, super-deformed artwork of the previous releases. Love the velcro front panel to reveal the statue through the window. The back of the box showcases the lighting and sounds effects which looks nice too.

If you've got any of the previous sets, you'll know what you're in for. It comes with the base that has the sound effects and electronics for the lighting too. The backdrop is straight from the character stage from the original Street Fighter 2 arcade game. The statue has some foot pegs that connect the electronics together and keep it stable on the base.

The sculpting is again beautifully designed. The musculature is great, and the paint app accentuates it all very nicely. The translucent plastic for the yoga flame works well with the electronics, giving a nice spinning effect to the flame. The sound effect is the classic "yoga flame" sound byte from the game.

The statue looks pretty damn good from all angles, that showcase the sculpt and paint app. Displayed with the others in the series, this makes for a nostalgic centrepiece in any Street Fighter collection! I can't wait to get the upcoming sets with Zangief, Akuma, and E.Honda now teased. Will definitely be getting all of these awesome world warriors! :)

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