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1 Dec 2017

Asmus Lord of the Rings Aragorn upgrade head sculpt

The head sculpt from the original release of the Asmus Aragorn figure wasn't too bad, but certainly had room for improvement. Recently Asmus has made a point of releasing upgrade sets that collectors can order to improve their previously released figures.

In the case of Aragorn, the upgraded head sculpt provides essentially the same head sculpt, but with rooted hair. It certainly has pros and cons when compared to the original sculpted hair version.

Click through below to check out my video review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel.

It definitely needs some patience to futz the hair into something that looks natural. I'm still not quite there I think, but at least to a point I'm happy enough to put it up on display. I think the hair looks fairly natural, especially if you're able to get some of the strands to fall across the face to give it a more natural wind swept look.

One thing to watch out for is the neck joint. Apparently first batch releases of the sculpt did not include the neck peg, so collectors could not attach it to the body! Asmus sent out neck pegs, and a 2nd batch of head sculpts that had the neck peg included, and luckily I got the 2nd batch version. Still, the neck peg makes the head quite loose on the figure so it's hard to position the head properly.

In the end, I'm glad Asmus is trying to improve their products by giving collectors the option to buy these head sculpts. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing how they do with the upgraded Merry, Pippin, Frodo, and Sam sculpts!

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