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1 Dec 2017

Hot Toys MMS366 Ellen Ripley from Alien

It's been a pretty long wait for Hot Toys to finally release their Ellen Ripley figure from Alien. Various prototypes had been shown at conventions, and the preorder was announced back in early 2016 I think, due for a late 2016 release.

But delays occurred and the figure was only just released after a delay of almost 12 months. Overall, it's definitely worth the wait to finally add a female screen icon to the collection!

Click through below to check out my video review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel!

There aren't a huge array of accessories, but what you do get is decent and done fairly well. The stand is the same as the one provided with the earlier Alien Warrior with of course her nameplate. The movement tracker and flamethrower are nicely sculpted, with decent weathering and paint application.

The cat carrier is also nicely done, and fits Jonesy pretty well. The cat itself isn't that great, but does the job. I'll have mine displayed inside the carrier so no big deal there for me.

The head sculpt is pretty good, and would look even better if they had given it rooted hair instead of the sculpted hair. The sculpted hair is OK, with decent detail, but sits a little wide and lacks some of the natural fall that rooted hair would've given.

The facial paint app and eyes are the usual high Hot Toys standard. The open mouth expression is good too, and from many angles the likeness with that expression is quite accurate.

The costuming is awesome, with nice use of materials and stitching. The outer jump suite is nicely weathered with a dirt wash, with lots of little details in the pouches, zips, and fabric ties. The costume also includes the cream shirt and green tshirt underneath. Together, the different layers give a nice accurate outfit that represents her character perfectly from the movie.

Articulation wise the body has everything standard 1/6th figures should have these days. However, the joints are a bit loose, especially around the hips and knees. They are much floppier than other Hot Toys figures I've had, so hopefully this is just a once-off and not some drop in overall build quality on their part.

EDIT: Thanks to Ander Perez over on the One Sixth Republic group for pointing out that I have the bloody flamethrower held in the opposite direction in the left pic below! Bloody stupid of me to be sure lol!!! Corrected in the pic on the right! :D

For my collection, it's great to finally add one of my favourite female heroines to the classic action movie shelf. I really do hope Hot Toys announces the Aliens version of Ripley with the Power Loader. I'd definitely make room somehow in the collection for those two!

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