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13 Oct 2018

Collection update video and pics - Transformers and 1/12th scale

If it's been slow for me with 1/6th scale figures this year, it's been even slower on the Transformers front! G1 related Masterpiece releases have been very slow this year, so I have picked up a few 1/12th scale figures in the meantime, amongst a few other things too.

Click through below to check out the collection update video over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel. Hope you can give the video a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel to see all my upcoming videos :)

I love Street Fighter, and there have been some nice 1/12th scale releases from Bandai and Storm Collectibles this year. I decided to go with the slimmer style from Bandai in their S.H.Figuarts series. Together the figures look great and have some nice articulation. I especially like the new Sakura.

My kids have loved Super Mario ever since we got the WiiU with games like Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, and Mario Party making them love the characters. So I also decided to get some of the S.H.Figuarts Super Mario figures and accessory sets during the recent Big Bad Toy Store sale.

Despite Bowser being far too small in scale compared to the other characters, they do look amazing posed up together. My son loves having these on his own shelf!

For me, I love the 1/12th scale Star Wars Movie Realization series. The latest release of the Snowtrooper is an incredible set and I think a must-have for fans of The Empire Strikes Back! I have pretty much all the figures released in this series, and it continues to be a unique stylised representation of the characters that drives a lot of discussion when friends come over to see the collection.

With the MP releases being so slow, I have tried out some manula camera settings recently with some of the Decepticon figures I have. Can't wait to get the repaints of Megatron and Shockwave later this year. I should get the repaints of Prowl and Sunstreaker by the end of October, so stay tuned for more review and pics then!

These coneheads certainly had issues during release. Luckily mine turned out mostly OK, I think they are the most cartoon accurate versions of the coneheads released by any company.

And I still love MP-36 Megatron. Based on what I've seen of the cartoon recently, the extra height on Megatron is actually quite accurate to the cartoon, where there were many scenes showing his standing taller than Soundwave.

Hopefully next year when the new Optimus Prime releases we can have the two leaders standing next to each other with the perfect cartoon aesthetic. With Hound also coming next year and a repaint of Wheeljack, it should be a decent year. I'm still hoping for a couple more announcements that will take the year to another level!

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