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6 Oct 2018

Bandai S.H.Figuarts Street Fighter Ken and Sakura

I love Street Fighter, and these Bandai S.H.Figuarts figures have scratched the itch to have some smaller figures to pose up. The overall quality has been great, and the recent releases of Ken and Sakura are no different.

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As you'd expect, Ken is a very similar figure to Ryu and Akuma. The range of articulation is essentially identical, and the sculpted details are nice. I'm not that big a fan of the head sculpts, but this smirking one I used in the photo below is my favourite.

The skin tone on the face is a lighter shade than the body, which is really my only other complaint about the figure. The accessories are decemt, and he looks great posed with the others.

Sakura turned out to be a great figure! I especially love the way they designed the shoes so that the range of ankle articulation is not affected. The front and rear tops split as they normally would, giving a great range of motion.

The knees are nice like Chun-Li's, and not the terrible ones used on Cammy. I think the face sculpts are nice too, and I prefer the broad smiling one I used below. The paint app on the costume is sharp too, and the skirt design didn't hinder any movement.

Together, the gang looks pretty damn good so far. I just saw the other day that Blanka has now been shown at toy conventions, so a preorder for that should be soon. Hopefully we see other classic characters like Guile, E.Honda, and Zangief in this series too. If they're able to make the original cast from Street Fighter 2, I'd be very happy!

I've been playing around with some manual camera settings recently to get my photography skills up. These figures certainly made for great test subjects!

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