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2 Dec 2018

Kotobukiya Horror Bishoujo Ash Williams from Evil Dead 2

Kotobukiya's Horror Bishoujo series kicked off a few years ago, and the statues have gone from strength to strength! Taking on this risque interpretation of horror's most iconic characters, Kotobukiya has really delivered something unique for fans of the genre.

This new Ash William's from the hilarious Evil Dead 2 is another fantastic example of awesome design, sculpting, and paint application. Click the link below to check out my video review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel. More pics below too! :)

The design of this statue is just gorgeous! The chainsaw hand and shotgun capture Ash's iconic look from the final act of the movie. The tattered shirt, blood stains, and scratches on the skin all perfectly capture that look.

It's great that they included a real metal chain for the cellar door, with the Deadite fingers crawling out. The Book of the Dead is also included and molded into the base. The entire base in nicely sculpted and painted with a pretty realistic wood finish.

The face sculpt is also nice, and of course in keeping with the Bishoujo aesthetic. The eyes are very glassy, and I love the tousled hair. The skin tone is quite nice on this figure, being a darker more tanned shade than others in the series. There almost seems like a slight freckling in the paint app too to give is a nice skin texture.

The detailing in the chainsaw is great, with lots of sculpted detail from the movie. The blood spatter is nicely captured too. It's a shame the shotgun is not removeable, but what we do see of it and the sling holster is decent.

As always with the Bishoujo series, the fan service is there too. The bra shows through the tattered shirt well, and the shorts and belt look great, with a nice frilly edge to them. Of course the best view is from the rear, and Kotobukiya did not disappoint! The short shorts capture that derrière to perfection!

The only one in the series that I've passed on is Bride of Chucky's Tiffany. I never really liked the movie and the statue didn't seem to capture an iconic character that I instantly recognised. But the rest of them have been pretty amazing! Side by side, they all look gorgeous together!

It's great that Kotobukiya are continuing this series, with Pinhead and Michael Myers coming out next year. It will be interesting to see where they go from there. It would be pretty awesome if they could do Pennywise or a Ghostface!

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