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31 Dec 2018

Hot Toys MMS429 Luke Skywalker (Jedi Luke)

I think Hot Toys released the Jedi Luke figure back in June or July 2018, but the Australian distributor didn't get stock until December for some reason. So it was a long wait, but definitely one worth waiting for if you're a Star Wars original trilogy fan.

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Packaging is the standard Hot Toys Star Wars design, with some decent pics of the prototype figure on the front and inside cardboard insert. The range of accessories is actually decent for this release, with the Jedi cloak and Death Star base being a couple of standouts that are not included in the Deluxe version to be released next year.

The Jedi robe is a nice soft material similar to that of the Anakin Skywalker figure. The swap out lightup lightsaber arm by all accounts is a bitch to put on, so I didn't even bother trying. It's a shame HT didn't include a separate lightsaber gloved hand to all the non-lightup lightsaber.

The lightsaber hilts themselves are nicely painted as always. I'm not sure how accurate it is to the movie, but I'm not that big a stickler for those minute details in accessories. There's a range of hands for various poses and to hold the blaster. There are two swap out base covers too, with the sands of Tatooine and the floor grate of Jabba's palace being the options depending on the accessories you use with the figure.

The head sculpt is always a focal point, with many not liking the slightly open mouth. I actually don't mind it too much, since Luke did spend a lot of time in the movie with his mouth slightly open! What I think draws attention is the slightly elongated mouth area that gives him a bit of a fish look. The prototype didn't seem to protrude so much, but overall I think it's decent.

The figure does have a fat suit underneath the black outfit. This helps to pad out the joints, but does hinder the articulation. This lack of articulation is mostly in the torso rotation and ab crunch areas, which are really needed to get him into that iconic pose on Jabba's skiff. I did the best I could because I really couldn't be bothered taking off all the clothes and removing the fat suit.

With the black Jedi tunic on over the core black outfit, the fat suit is not very noticeable. I prefer this look which is the way he looked on Jabba's skiff. The belt over the top of the tunic belt was only ever seen briefly in the movie when he spoke to Leia on Endor I think. So I'll stick with just the tunic only.

Posed up he looks quite nice. What's lacking of course is the windswept hair to match that scene, and HT have deliberately included that only in the Deluxe version to be released next year. Luckily that comes with another head sculpt and his Endor outfit, so I'll be using the windswept hair with this sculpt and the other one can wear the helmet that he wore on the Speeder Bike.

The boots are really nicely done, and it's great that HT have fixed the ankle areas so that they don't collapse like they did on the first few figures like ANH Han Solo. The range of motion is good too, so you can have his feet flat on the more dynamic poses.

The tailoring and fit of the core black outfit is pretty nice, and the magetic flap to fold down the top right corner for the Death Star duel is a nice touch. The pants can get a bit tight around the groin area, so I tried to lower the top of the pants and raise the parts tucked into the boots to give it a bit more flexibility. Overall I think he poses quite nicely with the lightsaber.

This Jedi Luke is another nice addition to the original Star Wars collection from Hot Toys. Side by side with the other Luke releases, this new figure fits in perfectly. I actually think the new head sculpt is perhaps the most movie accurate of the three. A lot of collectors seem to like the DX07 Bespin Luke, but I don't particularly think the likeness is that good. The three outfits below are my favourite for Luke, and Hot Toys has definitely done them justice.

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