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6 Aug 2019

Transformers Masterpiece MP-20+ Wheeljack

I love the Transformers Masterpiece series, especially the G1 figures. I've even got all the "+" variants for their more cartoon accurate paint application, and this MP-20+ Wheeljack is no exception.

As always, the "+" variant looks best in bot mode I think. But click through below to check out my full video review on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel and have a look for yourself! Hope you can give the video a thumbsup and subscribe too!

You get the usual contents out of the box. This time I got the figure from Big Bad Toy Store, who had to wait months apparently for Hasbro USA to release the figure. And all they did was add a completely useless black wrapper box over the usual Takara box! A completely useless time waster that adds nothing to the figure except a 5 months wait over the Japanese/HK release of the figure!

The car mode looks decent, but rather plain in comparison to the original release or the MP-23 Exhaust repaint. This is certainly cartoon accurate, but is where the "+" variants can't really shine. I do love the fact that the white is now painted white, not unpainted white plastic, which makes it a lot brighter than the original figure. The blue windscreen also gives a nice contrast to the overall aesthetic, but looks even better in bot mode.

As always, it's the bot mode where the "+" variants truly shine. In the pic below you can see how much brighter the white is compared to the original. The blue windscreen and less decals around the torso area also make the definition and proportions of the bot mode appear better. Even the lower legs are better with this clearer style in bot mode.

I love that they improved the inner areas of the lower legs, using white paint in areas where the original had black plastic. This helps to blend the leg and feet together in much more seamless way. The new immobilser is also repainted, with more of the matte painted finish compared to the metallic sheen of the previous version. The extra red panels give it that extra bit of detail too.

With the matte finish on the head sculpt, wings, and shoulder cannon, the cartoon accurate repaint is as good as we can get for this mold. It all looks fantastic, and blends in perfectly with the more MP releases and the other "+" variants. They look like the cartoon just came alive on your shelf!

I know many collectors think the MP series is taking a step back with these "+" repaints. But I don't mind them at all. I prefer my main characters to be in bot mode, and these "+" variants give me the best possible representation of the cartoon aesthetic. The original releases, with all their real world decals, look fantastic in car mode! It really is the best of both worlds, and I'm very happy to have both in my collection.

I'm definitely looking forward to finishing the Nissan Fairlady "+" variants next year with MP-19+ Smokescreen. I am totally expecting them to announce a "+" version for Tracks as well. Here's hoping they announce more new molds too after Hound!

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