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20 Sept 2019

Legacy of Revoltech LR-057 Jessie from Toy Story

I've waited for a reissue of the Revoltech Jessie for years now, and thanksfully they finally released it! It perfectly complements the Revoltech Woody and Buzz as you'd expect. Click through below to watch my review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel.

Poseability is always a focus for Revoltech figures, and Jessie is no exception. Glad they included a stand with this one though, since her feet are so small. Getting a decent balance is tricky so the stand really helps for stability in the display cabinet.

Setup with Buzz and Woody only makes me wish they made the whole gang! But I'm happy enough with these three in the collection. Definitely brings some great colour and great memories of a fantastic trilogy (still haven't seen the fourth movie yet!)

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