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7 Sept 2019

Transformers Masterpiece MP-10G Optimus Prime Ghostbusters

The Transformers Masterpiece MP-10 mold must be one of the most repainted Optimus Prime molds ever. I've lost track of how many they have done, and almost resisted getting this Ghostbusters crossover version.

But early inhand photos swayed me to click that preorder link, so it was a bit of an impulse buy. Overall, it's a nice repaint, and I do like the little Slimer that comes with it.

Click through below to check out the full video review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel!

Packaging has a decent gimmick to use it as a proton pack, but I haven't even bothered undoing the plastic wraps on the backpack straps. I'll keep it like that in case I ever decide to sell this!

The repainted details look pretty nice, and I especially like the Roller addition to make it look like the ghost trap. The trailer itself is OK, but I probably would've preferred the Evangelion trailer to be honest.

In bot mode the details are also pretty nice. The head sculpt suffers the same dead eyes as the original Takara MP-10. I'm not sure why they couldn't have gone the extra mile ti paint them red like they did with the TRU MP-10 release with the blue eyes.

The addition of the proton backpack that attaches to his blaster rifle is a nice throwback to the Ghostbusters in keeping with this crossover too.

All in all, it's a nice piece for 80s fans that love both Transformers and Ghostbusters. Would've been even better if they had done this with the new MP-44 mold instead, but I'm sure they'll repaint the crap out of that mold too!

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