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27 Mar 2020

Hot Toys MMS517 Luke Skywalker Deluxe

The announcement of this Deluxe version of the Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker figure was bound to rub many collectors the wrong way, especially those that had already purchased the original MMS429 Luke Skywalker.

But the alternate head sculpts and hair, along with the additional Endor outfit and accessories, made it a pretty easy decision for me to get this Deluxe version too, even though I had the first figure. When they announced the Endor Leia and Wicket figures, it solidified my decision to get this to display the core cast of characters in their Endor outfits, as well as Luke in his classic outfit from the Jabba skiff battle.

Click through below to watch my full review of the new Deluxe version of this Luke Skywalker figure. Also further below is my original review of the first release of this figure. Hope you can check that one out too!

As all Deluxe sets should, this comes with a decent array of accessories. Some I probably won't ever use, such as the deleted scene desert cowl and googles. They're a nice to have, are look to be pretty nice quality, but I just wouldn't have Luke displayed like that in my cabinet.

The sand base is a reuse of the mold used for other figures like the Sandtrooper and Snowtrooper, so is getting a bit boring. It doesn't really suit the Endor environment either. I think the forest flat printed base shown for Leia and Wicket looks much better.

The lightup arm and saber are the same as before, and I never use them, especially for figures like this where it's been reported to be an absolute pain in the arse to swap out. The hands are nice, with a few that are unique to this set. I'll definitely be going with the gloved hand holding the pistol for my display.

The alternate head sculpts are surprisingly good! I didn't think I'd like the slightly open mouthed head sculpt, but in hand I think it looks great! I'll be using that with the windswept hair in his classic Jedi outfit and robe/sash. The paint application is fantastic, and both are obvious improvements over the original head sculpt that seems a little flatter and less detailed. Even the paint app for the hair pieces seems more detailed with better variation.

The pic below shows the new figure on the left, with the original figure on the right. The fat suit they used on the original figure does make it look too bulky in the chest/torso area. The new figure doesn't use a fat suit, and so the proportions are more accurate to his look in the movie. The outfits are essentially identical, although the newer one on mine seems to be tighter around the neck.

The Endor cowl and helmet are nicely done. I was surprised that they used fabric on the top part of the helmet, which adds a nice touch of realism. The cowl is a nice material with a very thin wire along the edge to help with posing.

The stitching around the hood is very good and allows it to fold flat against the back and shoulders for a natural look. The camo colouring is decent, and fits nicely over the original figure to hide the bulky chest.

For both figures, I've used the two new head sculpts, since I find them far better than the original. Sure it's a shame Hot Toys didn't release a two-pack with all of this stuff included. But I think this separate release gives all the options for collectors to buy which look they prefer, or everything!

The new "looking to the side" neutral sculpt looks great especially when setup in his Endor gear. No I have a spare neutral sculpt from the original figure I need to find a use for! With the two figures now all setup, I can't wait to get Leia and Wicket later in 2020!

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