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26 Mar 2020

Transformers Masterpiece MP-19+ Smokescreen

The Takara Transformers Masterpiece + series keep rolling on, with perhaps their best release so far with Smokescreen! The paint app and swap out head sculpts on this one are so awesome! Click through below to watch my full review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel.

Love the smoke plume accessory included with this set. You can keep it in one full plume, or split it into two to display on either side of the figure. The transluscent plastic and mold really adds a nice bit of dynamic display detail to the set.

The paint app follows the cartoon accurate styling as per other carbot + versions. Despite it having a plainer style, the glossy nature of the paint somehow really makes it look so much nicer! The red is a lighter share, the blue and white pop in all the right places, and the blue tinted windows just tops it all off.

The original has a darker shade of red, but the decals and other paint details seem to almost detract from the overall look, especially in bot mode. It's very strange, and only really becomes apparent when you see them side by side in hand.

The built-in shoulder cannons are a little fiddly, and the smallish nature of them takes a little getting used to. I think the larger ones still look pretty good on the original. Where the new one blows the old away is in the face sculpt! That large chin and smile just give the figure so much character!

I think it portrays the cartoon character perfectly, and the three different faces give you all the display options you need. I'll definitely be going with the open mouthed smile for my display. With the shade of grey instead of darker black, the figure oozes that cartoon style. All in all, the bot mode is a winner.

The original with its realistic racing car decals still looks great too. It certainly goes well with the other original releases, that I all display in their car modes.

I never thought I'd collect so many Nissan Fairlady Zs in the MP collection, but here they all are! Love the Diaclone repaints too, and the originals give all that G1 toy and realistic styling that looks fantastic in car mode. I think that's pretty much all the repaints they can make for this mold. I just hope they give us some more repaints for the Tracks and Ironhide mold!

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