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31 Oct 2020

Threezero John Rambo from Rambo III

The 1/6th scale genre has been dominated by Hot Toys in recent years, with very little competition that can rise to their level of quality. The likes of Sideshow Collectibles, Enterbay, Asmus, Blitzway etc. have all released some pretty decent figures, but most have lacked that extra level of paint application or sculpted likeness to elevate their figures to Hot Toys standards.

When Threezero announced their John Rambo figure from Rambo III, the promotional photos used a prototype that honestly did not look very good at all. The key aspect of the head sculpt likeness just seemed off, and so many collectors did not preorder.

But in one of those rare instances, the final product that was released by Threezero turned out to be a massive improvement! The early reviews and photos showed an incredible likeness with a fantastic paint app to match. So many collectors immediately jumped onto retail websites to order the figure.

I was luckily enough to snag a first batch order from Big Bad Toy Store, and am so glad to finally add another classic action movie icon to the collection. Threezero have done a seriously incredible job with this figure, and I really hope they announce and release human characters to this level of quality in the future. It really is the first figure from a company other than Hot Toys that hits all the right levels of realism and quality.

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I love the box art and quotes on the packaging. The contents are pretty awesome too, with a high quality array of accessories. The jacket is really nicely tailored and weathered, although the buttons don't seem to function like real buttons. I don't think anyone would button that up anyway, so that's all good. The singlet is nice and soft, and fits over the figure well. But I won't be using either of them to really show off that great torso and arms.

Befitting a character like Rambo, there's a nice assortment of weapons, with the AK rifle and grenade launcher, explosives and bag, RPG, and of course the bow, arrows, and quiver. They all have great little details, paint application, and some moving parts. It also comes with a couple of knives on the figure out of the box, with one inserted into his boot, and one in a sheath on his belt. The final touch is his jade necklace, which would've been even better if there was a touch of green in its colour. All the accessories have fantastic weathering effects that bring out the realism. The swap out hands make full use of all the accessories as well, so there's plenty of posing options.

Once you have everything set up on the figure, it really does look incredible. That head sculpt is just so one point! That firm stare; that subtle freckling and 5 o'clock shadow; the glassy eyes; the fine stranding in the hair with the fabric bandana - it really is up there with the best head sculpts ever made in 1/6th scale in my opinion. I've never seen a non-Hot Toys head sculpt of this high quality until now.

The best part is they've matched the head sculpt with a fantastic torso and seamless arms too! The skin texture and realistic freckling is applied to the body and it looks great. I love the scars that they added to the chest to match those in the movie. It would've been perfect if they added some of those scars to the arms as well, but I guess that can be forgiven with all the other positives to find in this figure!

The pants are nicely weathered and sit on the figure fairly well. They do need some adjustment to get the most out of the articulation, but I managed to get it into a decent enough forward leaning pose that I was happy enough with. There's not too much in the way of movement in the plastic boots, but the arms move well as to the legs once you adjust the pants.

I would still avoid bending the rubber arms too far. I'll definitely be leaving mine in the pose in these pics since I am so paranoid about the rubber cracking over time. I'd be so disappointed if the rubber on this figure starts to crack like some of the Hot Toys figures. The torso and arms does feel like a better material than what I've felt on the Hot Toys figures with seamless bodies, so hopefully this one stands the test of time.

If you're a fan of 80s and 90s action and sci fi movies, then I think this figure is a must-have. Quality wise, I think this is right up there with the best of Hot Toys figures in every aspect. It really does have presence in the display amongst other figures, and it just looks great with all the other iconic characters.

If you're on the fence, I'd highly recommend getting an order in on the second batch - Threezero announced a second batch due to the popularity of the figure once it was released. That's due out in Dec 2020, so get an order in and you might get it in time for Christmas! Either way, I cannot recommend this figure enough - definitely one of my favourites for this year!

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