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4 Dec 2020

Hot Toys MMS529 Endgame Thanos

I've had the Hot Toys Endgame Iron Man Mk85 (BD version), Captain America, and Thor figures preordered for a while, but had held off on the Thanos figure. But I stumbled across a seller here in Australia that can get some pretty awesome prices from Hong Kong.

The price for this Thanos brand new was about AUD$200 cheaper than from the usual Aussie retailers like Popcultcha. That was a price too good for me to pass up, and I'm definitely glad to have finally picked up this awesome figure!

Click the link below to check out my full video review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel.

The set doesn't come with too much, but what is included is of pretty high quality. The array of hands are very nicely painted and suit the axe well. It would've been nice if the wrist joint and hand sculpt allowed for the iconic axe pointing pose from the final battle.

It's also unfortunate that there is only a swap out Infinity gauntlet, as opposed to a complete swap out arm that is sculpted in the bent position like the Infinity War version. I would've preferred to pose him with the gauntlet in a clenched fist in front of him, but won't be doing that since it would leave the rubber arm bent for too long.

The light up feature on the gauntlet is pretty nice. Sure it's not completely movie accurate to have all the stones with this outfit, but I don't really care. As the only version of Thanos I'm likely to have in my collection, I'm glad Hot Toys included it.

In terms of poseability, luckily the figure is imposting enough, and detailed enough, to look pretty fantastic in even a static, museum-like pose. The joints are all mostly on ratchets, so they hold up well to the weight of the figure. He's not likely to get into anything too dynamic, but I have seen poses of him in the sitting position. Not sure I'd recommend leaving it like that for too long though.

My favourite part of the articulation is actually the ankles, with their large ball joint that does give a lot of range of motion. It's good that you can get the feet flat on the ground for stability. The ratchet in the hips area is a bit fiddly, but overall you can adjust things to get him quite well balanced for such a large figure.

The head sculpt is one of the stand out features of this figure. The helmet is removeable, and luckily is foam-padded and surprisingly easy to remove and adjust. I've always been scared of putting helmets on Hot Toys figures in case it gets scratched, but I had no concerns with this figure.

Despite the purple paint app, the skin texture, detailed sculpting, glassiness of the eyes, and realistic teeth really give an almost scary realism to the figure. I'd have to say this is one of my favourite Hot Toys head sculpts in my collection. Both head sculpts are beautifully done, with the passive sculpt still giving the figure some great shelf presence.

To top it all off, the paint app on the armour pieces is also very nicely done. It's all plastic, but the weathering and sheen give it a nice realistic metallic look. The magnets on the shoulder pieces is nice, and helps to prevent any scratching of the arm paint app.

I actually thought the figure was going to be bigger than the previous Avengers Hulk figure. But it turns out Hulk is still larger and bulkier. Standing side by side, the scale still works out fairly well, and you could recreate their short battle nicely.

I think many people are waiting on the battle damaged version of this figure. That certainly looks like a great set too, but I'm happy enough with this version and the more subtle weathering on the armour pieces and head sculpt. I'm really looking forward to the three main Avengers to release in 2021 and have the 4 combatants standing together in the cabinet. Endgame was the culmination of my favourite series of movies for the past decade, so it will be great to have their 1/6th scale representations in my collection.

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