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18 Sept 2022

Transformers acrylic logo stands

These Transformers acrylic logos were some E-Hobby exclusive in Japan, and I couldn't work out any arrangement to get them shipped to Australia from Japan. So the only option was for me to order from Big Bad Toy Store, which certainly had their significant markup due to that exclusivity.

Click below to check out my review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel.

The acrylic used is of good quality, and they stand quite sturdily. They're not that big, so not really worth the money to be honest. But they look damn good on display with the G1 Masterpiece figures, so the cost sort of gets forgotten after a while 😀

They definitely add that extra display pizzaz in the cabinet with the figures. Almost adds that extra bit of authenticity with that throwback to the original toy artwork. I love it, but do wish the price was lower so that I could get more of them!

They came out in Japanese writing too, but I stuck with the English classic style. Either way, if you can get them from Japan, you'll probably save quite a lot, but otherwise BBTS is an albeit costly option.

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