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18 Sept 2022

Tweeterhead Teela Exclusive Masters of the Universe

Ever since Sideshow started their modern interpretation of the iconic Masters of the Universe statue series, I was hoping that they would go deep into the character list. There are just so many characters for which I have lots of nostalgia due to the 80s cartoon series. That's what happens when you watch that stuff every weekend and after school!

Sideshow stopped their series and handed over to the folks that they were collaborating with over at Tweeterhead. And thank god they did, because Tweeterhead continue to do some awesome work! The statue releases are still few and far between, but each one is just too good for me to pass up!

This recent Teela statue is no exception. Click the link below to see my full video review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel! Make sure to like and subscribe to stay tuned for more reviews coming up on the channel.

Box art and contents are as you'd expect for this 1/5th scale. Everything is well protected and secured in the foam packaging. I love that they included two swap out head sculpts, and they actually make more of a difference that I thought they would (more on that later).

The set also comes with two swap out weapons. The standard version includes only the sword, which is made of metal and is beautifully detailed. Be careful of the base of the blade where it connects to the hilt. There were reports that this can separate from the hilt, and it's difficult to glue back in a stable manner.

The hilt has a peg that insets into the blade, and mine did have a bit of movement but not enough to separate. Either way, just be careful, because the weight of the metal blade does make it more fragile at that connection point.

Once all the separate pieces are connected, she looks absolutely gorgeous. As I mentioned before, she comes with two swap out head sculpts. The core part of the beautiful face is the same, with the key difference being her hair. One shown below has her hair up in the style similar to the classic cartoon. This actually gives her a more mature, almost regal appearance. I prefer this head sculpt over the second which is shown further below, because I like the mix of original cartoon styles with this more modern interpretation of the characters.

The base is a gorgeous stair case in the style that Sideshow used for the original He-Man statue. The hue of the green of the Castle Grayskull stone is a pretty good match. I also love the purple slimy tentacles emerging from the depths of the castle too, with that glassy orangish eye peering out. It all comes together for a great sturdy base to the statue that doesn't overpower the main point of interest.

The shield she wields in her left hand is also nicely molded and painted, with nice details. The gold highlights bring out the pattern, and it has just a scattering of weathering. Her overall outfit doesn't have too much weathering either, but the boots have a touch.

The outfit itself I think fits this style beautifully. It has that iconic style from the cartoon, with just enough tweaks for that modern, more mature, style too. It's different to Sideshow's original Evil-Lyn, which is great. I'm glad that they didn't go too far in trying to cover her up, since that classic Teela look is her in her white and gold leotard. The gold highlights across the left shoulder and chest are nicely sculpted and painted, and complement the sculpted fur on her right shoulder and back.

The second head sculpt has her hair in a pony-tail, which gives her a more youthful appearance. Both are gorgeous sculpe, and both have that subtle makeup on her face that isn't too over-bearing. Really, either sculpt looks great, but I'll be displaying her with the updo.

The exclusive version swap out piece is the Staff of Ka. It's not made of metal, but has a great curling design with the cobra twirled all the up. The gold paint application is also nicely done. It's a complete swap out arm at the shoulder, so not just a swap out hand. Some people reported having issues where the gap at the shoulder was more noticeable, but the seam on mine was fine.

The styling of the pose is both sexy and purposeful, and looks great from any angle. It's reminiscent of the She-Ra pose, but I'm glad she's looking in the opposite direction. The skin tone is nice, and has enough subtle shading to bring out the musculature detail.

No matter where or how you display this statue, it's going to draw lots of attention and raise conversation. It's what every great statue piece should do!

I think Tweeterhead have done a fantastic job in keep this series of statues going. I loved Masters of the Universe as a kid, and this modern interpretation by Sideshow and Tweeterhead have kept that love going.

I have their Mer-Man preordered, with that exclusive coming later this year from Sideshow. Luckily they announced Trap Jaw with no exclusive, so all the swap out parts are standard. This definitely saved a lot of money by preordering from Popultcha, which is the Australian partner of Sideshow. That Trap Jaw looks absolutely incredible, so I cannot wait to add more henchmen to the collection!

All I hope for is an announcement for Man-At-Arms, Sorceress, Beast Man, and Tri-Klops to be released, and then I can die happy! 😀

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