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20 Feb 2023

Hot Toys MMS610 Doc Brown from Back to the Future

Ever since Hot Toys announced the Back to the Future licence, and released the Delorean as well as two versions of Marty McFly from the first movie, collectors have desperately wanted a Doc Brown from that original movie in his radiation suit.

It's taken far too long, but Hot Toys have finally released Doc in his iconic suit, with a couple of disappointing aspects to the set. Click through below to check out my full video review on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel!

The set comes well stocked with accessories. This being the Deluxe version, it also comes with the plutonium case and removable tube of plutonium. The case itself looks quite nice, but it is actually mostly made out of cardboard instead of molded plastic. So that is the first of the disappointments.

Luckily the other accessories in the core set are actually very nicely done. I love the array of tools and the tool pouch. The Delorean remote control is very detailed, but be careful of the antenna since it's quite fragile.

It takes a bit of fiddling around to get all the accessories onto the figure in a natural looking way. I went back to the source material in the carpark scene to get most of my references. I prefer to have the utility belt slanting to one side to give the illusion of weight in the tool pouch. Once everything is added to his suit, overall I think it looks fantastic.

The biggest disappointment with the set is of course the head sculpt. It is a re-used sculpt from the first Back to the Future Part 2 figure, so Hot Toys took the lazy way out. This is especially obvious when you notice the small holes near his ears that were intended for the sunglasses on the BTTF2 figure that should've been covered up for this figure.

In the end though, the overall figure is still great to have in the collection. The suit, decked out with all the accessories, does look fantastic. The suit has a lot of play to it, and may appear too baggy. But if you futz it right with the accessories, it can look very close to the movie scene. It's a nice touch that they included his tshirt and green Hawaiian shirt underneath the radiation suit to be very movie accurate.

The set also comes with the stop watch for Einstein, so if you have the 2nd release of Marty and Einstein, you can make good use of that accessory. Together with either Marty figure, Doc looks great. Now that I have the pair from the original movie as well as Part 2, I'm really looking forward to closing out the BTTF collection when the Part 3 figures release later in 2023.

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