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29 Mar 2024

Hot Toys MMS616 Marty McFly and MMS617 Doc Brown

My 1/6th scale collecting has slowed down considerably the past couple of years. This is mainly due to the lack of figures being released from source material that I grew up with. But luckily Hot Toys still seems to want to release some Back to the Future characters, with the BTTF3 Doc and Marty releases.

Click the link below for my video review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel, and more pics if you scroll down further.

Hot Toys have done a pretty awesome job with these two, with some incredibly detailed clothing and accessories. Together they look like they jumped out of the screen into my display cabinet! I'm glad they didn't reuse Doc's head sculpt for a third time, and went with a more stoic look. Marty similarly gets a pretty straight face. I would've like more of an expression, but at least the paint application brings out the nice details and glassiness in the eyes.

Doc comes with several different layers of clothing, and two outer jackets. You can go for the look from the dance, or the early scene where he saves Marty from the hanging. I prefer that older style with the tan long coat, and it fits beautifully on the figure.

I love the little details with the watch and chain that hangs nicely in the inner coat. The material used is fantastic for each different piece of clothing, giving a real sense of authenticity to the movie. It's unfortunate that the hat is not removeable, and is only plastic, but it's a minor negative in amongst some awesome 1/6th scale tailoring.

Marty is pretty great too, and also comes with his poncho that he wears for most of the movie. But I actually prefer the traditional cowboy style that he had just before the duel. The gun strap was a pain to get sitting right arcross the waist, especially trying to get that angled look. But once set up, he looks very natural.

Again the material in the clothing is outstanding, and lays very well on the body. If you put the poncho on, you need to put some effort into getting it to lay close to the body as it does tend to balloon out which does not look natural.

I'm glad that Hot Toys decided to complete the figures from all three movies. I'm glad to finally have all three versions displayed in the collection. Across the board, I think Hot Toys have done a pretty awesome job with Marty.

They did pretty well with Doc too, although the reuse of the same head sculpt in the first two version is still disappointing. But I love the outfits that are so iconic, and the accessories just add that nice touch to the display too.

Hot Toys doesn't seem to do too many figures from classic 80s action or sci-fi anymore, but here's hoping they do more from that era.

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