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14 Mar 2014

It's all in the detail - Hot Toys DX04 Bruce Lee and DX06 Jack Sparrow

I love the little details in figures that I collect. From the use of different materials, the sculpting of the face and hair, the colours and paint app, the attention to detail that adds that extra bit of realism or homage to the past.

So I thought I'd do a regular group of photos focussing on the little details that I love about the items in my collection. Hope you like the pics as I find time to post them! And remember to leave some comments with your own thoughts on the pics, figures you have, and what little details you love! :)

Here are a few to start with of a couple of my favourite Hot Toys figures - DX04 Bruce Lee and DX06 Jack Sparrow.

Hot Toys DX04 Bruce Lee (Enter the Dragon)

Love the details on the shoes and socks. Perfect little kungfu kicks!

The material, texture, and stitching on the white jacket just looks phenomenal, and the little clasp at the top adds that perfect bit of realism to the figure!

Some folks didn't really like the sculpting of the hair, but I think it looks great! Unbattle-damaged head sculpt is pretty good too. The paint texture is a little flat, but I guess this figure was from a few years ago. The BD version however is phenomenal!

Strap on the waist is a bitch to wrap around properly, especially since it needs to clasp on with a risk of breaking that little knob. HT really should've just used velcro here, but other than that it looks great! The texture on the skin is also a highlight, with little speckles of sweat that make it look so realistic.

PERS was a must with this figure, and HT really pulled it off perfectly with this one! Also, the prototype body had much harder lines with the musculature. Luckily HT toned it down to be much more realistic in the final release body.

Love the detail with the veins!

Hot Toys DX06 Captain Jack Sparrow

The amazing thing with the DX06 figure is just the phenomenal use of different materials and textures in the outfit. Love the suede-like material used for the boots instead of just crappy molded boots. They are soft and look perfect! Then you have the awesome brown jacket made of a coarser material with wiring to aid in posing. Just incredible!!

Of course, the mid-section is just teeming with different accessories made up all sorts of different materials! I don't think there could be much more detail popping off this figure! The accessories were fun to attach when first setting up the figure. The compass even opens out (forgot to take a pic of that!!) The detailing on the two guns is so realistic, and the molding on the sword belt is beautiful!

The jacket not only is made of a great material, but also has some great details with stitching and buttons that really take this figure to the next level. The patterning on the sword belt is another highlight.

The didn't miss the details on the hands and fingers either! Love the rings on his fingers and the metal sword. They even did the little tattoos near the base of the thumb!

They did a great job on the sculpting of the hair, which is always harder when it's long hair. I'm glad they didn't go for some rooted hair solution, as this molded hair looks great. It's softer plastic too so it doesn't affect movement too much at all. And that head sculpt?!?! One of their best head sculpts EVER, bar none!

Hope you liked that quick look at some of the incredible detail in these figures. I'll be bringing more photos of my collection up close and personal, so stay tuned :)

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