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8 Mar 2014

MOTU Classics Modulok

Finally got my MOTU Classics in off a seller on ebay. The cheapest price I could find was about $60, and I just didnt want to miss out on it, so made the order. And I'm glad I did! This is every bit as fun as Mantenna, and both are my favs in the MOTU collection!

The box art is really nice, and a great unique package for this larger package. Unfortunately Mattel decided to glue the sides down so one side had to be cut open to remove the contents. Not sure why they didnt just allow the lid to be slid together like their mailer boxes!!

Oh well, I might glue it down and put the box art on display. It's nice, and goes well with my NECA TMNT box art :)

The figure comes disassembled with all the various components on show. This is pretty nice in that it gives you a bit of time to look over each piece and play around with them all before putting it all together.

And together with his Horde brethren, they look pretty amazing!!! I realised after that I should've used the double joint connections to give him 4 arms, but forgot with this pic. Either way, they look great as a motley crew of creatures coming to get you! :)

Hope you can also check out the video review over on the Kool Kollectibles youtube channel. Subscribe, like, and comment if you want!! :)

It's definitely a great figure in the MOTU Classics lineup, and one that I've wanted since I saw the prototype pictures! I never had the chance to own him as a kid, and so am really happy to have him in my collection now in this new reincarnation :)

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