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19 Apr 2014

Vintage G1 Transformers Retrospectives

It's the 30th anniversary of Transformers this year, so I thought I'd join in the celebration by doing some retrospective videos on the vintage G1 Transformers figures that I still have.

Back in 1984, my grandfather bought my brother and I our first Transformers toys for Christmas, which started my love of Transformers ever since. After I moved out of home, I had packed all the toys into several boxes and left them at my parents house. About 10 years later after I had built my new place with my family, I got a call from my parents saying it was probably time for me to move my crap out of their place! :)

And lo and behold, the boxes I had packed and forgotten about were still there! Thankfully my parents hadn't thrown anything out, and the Transformers I had packed away were all still there waiting to get some much needed fresh air!

I initially thought about selling them, but once I started looking over them more closely, I couldn't just throw away all that nostalgia and memories about my grandfather helping us put the stickers on, and opening them up on Christmas Day! And now that I'm going through them now, and playing with them with my son, I'm definitely glad I kept them.

So here's my first retrospective video on Optimus Prime, definitely one of the most iconic toys from the 80s era. This was actually my brother's first Transformers toy, but luckily it fell to me to look after it :)

And here's my second video, this time of my own first Transformer. Soundwave and his cassettes are a little worse for wear, but I love these guys so much! My affection for these grew even more when the Masterpiece versions were released, and I could see in hand the amazing transition from the iconic toys of the 80s to the engineering marvels of today!

I'll be doing videos for the rest of my G1 collection too, with some of the Autobot Season 1 cars next. So I hope you can tune in and check out my thoughts on these great toys. Subscribe, like, and comment with your own thoughts! I love responding to all the comments on my videos! :)

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