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6 Dec 2015

Fans Toys FT-03T Quakwave reissue (darker purple repaint)

Catching up on maintaining the website! Here's my recent review of the Fans Toys FT-03T Quakewave reissue. Will make for an interesting comparison once MP-29 Shockwave is released next year!

The packaging is nice and simple, and I do like the way they package the figure in foam. The half-transformation of the figure in the box was a little strange though.

I'm glad they included the swap out forearm piece to make the hose cable more cartoon accurate by running at the rear, and not over the front of the forearm. A little scary putting the screws back in, but got there eventually.

Overall a fantastic figure by Fans Toys. I totally understand why fans love Fans Toys! The build quality is extremely good, and the overall aesthetic fits in nicely with the official MP line.

I still think MP-29 looks better overall from the prototype photos. It will be an interesting comparison next year when it comes out!

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