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6 Dec 2015

Sideshow Collectibles TIE Fighter Pilot and X-wing Pilot Luke Skywalker

It's been a long wait for these two iconic characters to finally reach my collection in 1/6th scale form. Overall I think Sideshow has done a pretty fantastic job, particularly with the TIE Fighter Pilot. The only real negative on the Luke figure is of course the head sculpt and sub-standard facial paint application.

Check out my full video reviews of both figures below! Scroll further down for some extra photos :)

TIE Fighter Pilot:

X-Wing Pilot Luke Skywalker:

TIE Fighter Pilot Summary:

Packaging is the usual Star Wars black and grey style, so not much to discuss there.

Doesn't come with all that much, and the exclusive is an additional small blaster which I believe is the gun that the vintage toy had back in the day.

Best thing about the figure is definitely the outfit, the tailoring of it, and the overall solid underlying body. The details are pretty nice on the molded boots and gloves as well. Together with the other Sideshow troopers, they look fantastic!

The helmet is awesome too, and really shows what Sideshow can do when they don't have to worry about painting a human head sculpt! The helmet looks great, and the soft hoses to the chest piece are nicely done. It's a shame the eyes seem to be painted black, and are not a nice translucent plastic to replicate see-through lenses. But other than that, the TIE Fighter Pilot is a fantastic figure worthy of any Star Wars collection!

X-wing Pilot Luke Skywalker:

As with the TIE Fighter Pilot, the packaging is the stock standard style of these Star Wars figures.

At $240 retail price, there's not much that comes with this figure, which is a shame. At least include a blaster and lightsaber to sweeten the package! At this price, Sideshow really needed to nail the head sculpt, and they didn't which is a huge disappointment for me (more on that later).

The tailoring of the suit is awesome as it was with the TIE Fighter Pilot. The suit looks bright orange in photos, but has a subtle weathering in hand, as well has nice weathering on the white sections of the vest.

The helmet is also nicely done, and separates well to allow for the placement over the head sculpt.

The head sculpt itself is actually very good, and I think is better than the Hot Toys Tatooine Luke figure. However, the flat paint app is what really brings the head sculpt down, where is simply does not have the detail, texture, and realism on Hot Toys head sculpts.

If Sideshow wanted to charge $240 for this, which is actually more expensive than Hot Toys' version which comes with more accessories, then they really needed to get the head paint app right. But there's not that much of an improvement on their previous figures, so in a side by side comparison, the HT version looks better despite not having a better sculpt! Realism in a head sculpt will also win out.

But still, with a fantastic outfit, this still looks pretty great on display. Especially since Star Wars collections have an over abundance of blacks, whites, and other dull colours, the splash of colour that this figure brings is much appreciated!

Posed with the helmet and exclusive version gloves, it does have presence on display, and will definitely look great next to my Lego UCS X-wing! 

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