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23 Dec 2015

Hot Toys MMS295 Sandtrooper

The new Hot Toys Sandtrooper figure is another fantastic addition to their Star Wars line. A nice improvement over the previous Sideshow Deluxe Sandtrooper, particularly in the way it can actually stand up on its own without the need for support!

It was an absolute pain in the arse to get the back pack on though! Took forever, and I definitely prefer the magnet used by the Sideshow figure to add support. The Sideshow figure still holds up extremely well, so I wouldn't get rid of them just yet.

Here's my full video review that compares the new Hot Toys figure with the previous Sideshow Sandtrooper. Should give you enough of an idea on the differences to make up your mind if you want to get this!

Packaging is the usual Star Wars style, and it's amazing how many accessories they crammed into the clamshell!!

All set up the figure looks pretty damn awesome. I love the inclusion of the binoculars, but they did not include one of the larger rifles that came with the Sideshow Deluxe Sandtrooper.

Together with the previous Sandtrooper, you can see its weathering is much more subtle. The Sideshow version really does look like he's been walking through some Bantha shit! But overall, it still looks pretty nice next to the new one (despite what the anal collectors who inspect every minute detail will say lol!!)

Together, the original trilogy figures from both Sideshow and Hot Toys look simply amazing together. I can't wait to get more next year with the AT-AT driver. Hopefully one day they make the Royal Guard!

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