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5 Mar 2016

Hot Toys MMS320 Kylo Ren

I got the Hot Toys Kylo Ren 1/6th scale figure recently despite being a little disappointed it didn't come with too many accessories. An unmasked head sculpt would've been a great way to add some value for money for this figure.

But on its own, it's still a solid release by Hot Toys. Check out my full video review linked below on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel! Scroll further down for a few pics and extra thoughts.

The packaging with this Star Wars line has been pretty nice from Hot Toys, especially the cardboard inserts. The artwork is great and shows off the figure and Stormtroopers nicely.

As I mentioned above, it doesn't come with too many accessories. The light up feature is something a lot of collectors seem to want, but I for one hate electronic features and never use them in my display. The light up saber looks pretty nice, but again the swap out is too much effort for me to bother doing it! I've heard the zip on the arm is delicate, so be careful you don't break it when swapping out the forearms.

The stand out feature of the figure is definitely the costume. There is a plethora of different material used and various layers of clothing, all adding a lot to the realism of the figure. When I saw initial photos, I actually thought the pattern on the main cloak looked a little toyish, but in hand it's actually very nice.

None of the costume hinders articulation too much, except perhaps the pants where wide action poses might stretch the crotch area too much. But overall, the poseability of this figure is pretty awesome. The attention to detail in the mask and gloves, with shades of weathering, is also nicely done.

If you're a fan of The Force Awakens, this figure is pretty much a must-have to go along with the Stormtrooper releases. There's probably a battle damaged unmasked version on its way, so be prepared to fork out more for another Kylo Ren figure. But in the mean time, this is another solid release by Hot Toys that looks great on display.

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