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6 Mar 2016

BigBoysToysHK TNC-03 Chun-Li

I'm a big Street Fighter fan, and loved the two previous releases in this line with Ryu and Ken. This new Chun-Li is every bit as good, and I love the sound and lightup effects!

Click through the link below to see my full review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel! Having these all together looks and sounds fantastic! :)

The box art is beautiful as always with this line!

The backdrop is the iconic Street Fighter 2 stage for Chun-Li. What would've taken it to the next level would've been the guy on the bicycle as a separate display piece like the barrel on Ken's stage! :)

Love that these things just look awesome from every angle!

The lightup effect that follows the sequence of her leg kick is just amazing. I just love mashing that button for the sounds and lights! :)

The paint and sculpting is again outstanding from BigBoysToysHK. They've really been doing a great job with these little statues in this super-deformed style.

Together with Ryu and Ken really show off how amazing these look. They have teased Guile as the next one out, and have promised to do the entire Street Fighter 2 World Warrior roster. Here's hoping that holds true and make this a Street Fighter collector line to remember!

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