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13 Mar 2016

Transformers Masterpiece MP-28 Hot Rod

A new mold in the Transformers Masterpiece line is always a good thing, and this new Hot Rod is no exception. I would not say that this is a replacement for the previous MP-9 Rodimus Prime figure, but a more accurate representation of the character in Hot Rod form before he changed into the leader.

Here's the link below to my full review on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel.

Certainly comes with a decent array of accessories, although some are purely for the one-off photos opportunity rather than long-term display I think. The fishing rod and cutting blade are nice homages to the specific scenes from the 1986 movie, but other than that I think I'll be sticking to the guns on display.

The alt mode does look great, but suffers from not being able to roll well on its wheels at all. The clearance is non-existent and rubs on the panels underneath no matter how hard you try. But I guess from a pure display perspective, it does look very accurate from all angles to the movie.

In bot mode, I think the proportions of the body are actually pretty good, and scales well with the other Autobot cars in the MP line. The transformation is not overly difficult, but there are a couple of areas to be careful of that you'll see in my video review.

Some collectors have complained about the squareness or flatness of the chest, but for me I think it looks fine. The way in which most things peg or slot in together makes for a nicely fitted backpack and torso. So no floppiness in this one.

With new molds starting off 2016 in MP-27 Ironhide, and now MP-28 Hot Rod, with MP-29 Shockwave not far behind, it's looking to be a fantastic start to the year for Takara. If they continue the overall quality of these two for the rest of the year, I think collectors are in for a real treat!

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