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15 Sept 2016

Hot Toys Alien Warrior

The Hot Toys Alien Warrior finally made it to Australian shores after a seemingly long delay after the HK release. Aliens is one of my favourite films, so finally having a xenomorph in the collection in awesome!

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The box is nicely done, with a clear slipcover similar to those provided on previous diecast figures like Robocop and Iron Man Mk3. Accessories wise, it doesn't come with much at all, which is disappointing for the price. Something extra like an alien egg or facehugger, or even a diorama backdrop would've been nice for the higher price point.

Overall, the figure looks fantastic on display. The paint app and sculpting in particular look great. The paint has a wet look to give the alien skin that sheen, and the paint actually has the blue/brown pearlescent look to it as well when the light hits the skin.

The opening jaw feature is a scary gimmick, and is difficult to get to stick. The trick is to pull down on the trigger mechanism at the end and it will lock into place. The mouth opens due to the very soft rubber tendons and jaw piece of the figure.

There is a warning not to leave the mouth open for long periods of time to prevent damage. I definitely won't be opening the mouth too much! Hopefully the soft rubber does not deteriorate too fast over time.

The sides of the head sculpt have a magnet on one of the ridges to attach the acid blood spatter. The spatter on the chest is added by inserting the grooves over the ribcage area. It does give it a nice look, and hopefully is a tease for upcoming Marines figures!

The rubber suit severely limits the articulation of the arms, hips, and knees. The instructions have another warning to not leave these bent too much for too long to prevent damage. Luckily there's enough articulation that doesn't distort the suit to allow a walking/stalking pose. It still looks pretty awesome like that on display, especially if you have some Predators too!

Hopefully they announce the Aliens Ripley and Power Loader soon. In the meantime, I'm waiting for the Alien version of Ripley to come out later this year. Stay tuned for more reviews :)

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