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15 Sept 2016

Sideshow Collectibles AT-AT Driver exclusive

Got the new Sideshow Collectibles AT-AT Driver recently, and it's definitely another solid addition to the Star Wars collection!

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Box art is pretty stock standard these days. Accessories aren't that many to discuss. The exclusive is the larger rifle, which is nicely done. The detailing and paint application in the helmet is pretty nice, with some additions that make it more screen accurate. I think there are still a few inconsistencies that really detailed fans will be able to pick out in the helmet. But for more it looks pretty great.

The flight suit is similar to other suits that Sideshow have done for other figures, including the recent TIE Pilot and X-wing Luke. It's nicely tailored with decent stitching. The gloves and boots are molded plastic, which could be nicer, but still look OK enough on display.

The hoses attaching the chest piece to the helmet restrict the head movement, but look OK. Some futzing of the hose is probably needed to make it look its best, but overall its a decent representation based on movie screenshots I've seen. So again, it's a nice addition to the Star Wars collection, particularly for those that are looking for more troopers from the Hoth battle.

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