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13 Mar 2018

BigBoysToysHK TNC-08 E.Honda

If you follow the Kool Kollectibles Facebook page and YouTube channel, you'll know that I've loved this series of Street Fighter world warriors by BigBoysToysHK. The style of the entire series has been one nostalgic home run after another, with excellent build quality and paint application throughout.

This latest release in E.Honda means the original 7 world warriors have now been released in the series, along with Akuma. All that remain are the 4 original bosses, and they've already teased Vega. To complete the original cast in this series will be a fantastic achievement for BigBoysToysHK, and will be cherished by Street Fighter 2 fans for many years to come!

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The box art follows the design of the previous figures, with gorgeous cover art and a velcro front flap that opens up to reveal the statue inside.

The design is consistent with the previous releases, with a nice super-deformed style that suits the source material well. The sculpt on E.Honda is beautiful, with all the usual shading in the skin to really bring out the musculature.

Some have complained that the hands for the Hundred Hand Slap are from both hands, but that is perfectly accurate to the game! The animation models clearly show that he uses both hands to perform the move, and the right compromise by BigBoysToys was to show all the hands whilst keeping the static right arm in place. I think it works well.

The sound and light up effects are nice as they usually are, and masking the sound button is certainly a lot of fun that brings back fond memories in the arcade. With the classic base and backdrop from his stage in the game, this is another beautiful release by BigBoysToys. I cannot wait to order Vega, and see how they design Sagat, Balrog, and M.Bison!

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