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3 Mar 2018

Sideshow Dengar

It seems a lifetime ago that Sideshow released some bounty hunters. The original releases of Boba, IG-88, and Bossk were definitely years ago, and the release of 4-LOM back in May 2017 was a good sign that more was to come.

And finally Sideshow released the last two remaining bounty hunters from that classic scene with Vader in The Empire Strikes Back, with Dengar and Zuckuss being released in quick succession. Although Zuckuss shipped first, I somehow managed to get Dengar first!

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Packaging is the usual simple style mandated by Lucasfilm. The photos of the figure are decent at least.

He doesn't come with all that much, and for the price that's a bit disappointing. I think the price range on this one should've been a little lower, but I think Sideshow were banking on the demand to complete the ESB bounty hunters.

The backpack is nicely done, with magnets to attach it to the back of the figure so there's no frustration in attaching straps. The weapons are nicely detailed too. Be careful inserting the pistol into the holster, but it should fit all the way in if you go slow. The assortment of hands aren't bad, and I suspect most collectors will chose those most like the movie pose.

The facial paint app is pretty good, but still lacking that extra realism from the likes of Hot Toys. The red around the scar isn't too bad, but I would've preferred it a bit deeper in colour. The eyes do have gloss, but still lack that realism of Hot Toys too.

The lower cowl is made of fabric, and it actually covers his head. But the upper part around the top of his head is actually sculpted very soft plastic that is removable. I guess they did that to retain the shape and style, but a fabric version would've stepped it up a notch in quality. I still think it looks pretty good, and can be rotate and tilted to capture the pose you're after.

As for posing the figure itself, articulation is extremely limited. On mine, the arms move fairly well, but the torso, hips, and legs can barely move due to the suit or the underlying clothing. The armour at least is nicely weathered. I thought it was too dark in some early photos, but in hand it looks quite nice.

The boots are also nice, with what seems to be fabric socks or anklets leading up to the shin and calf areas. All in all, you can get him into some poses that match his look in the movie quiet well. But if you're after something more dynamic, you'll certainly come away disappointed.

Still, if you've collected the other ESB bounty hunters, then this is a must-have in the collection. Displayed together, along with the recent Sideshow Han Solo in Carbonite set, they will certainly be an imposing part of your collection. Stay tuned for the Zuckuss review coming up next! :)

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