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20 Mar 2018

New acrylic cases for the display room

My display cabinets were definitely getting too crowded, so recently I decided to put some money aside to get some new acrylic cases made. The price of acrylic is pretty expensive, and custom made cases are generally more expensive than similar sized mass produced glass cabinets (eg. such as the Ikea Detolfs).

But I've pretty much run out of floor space, but can still stack some cases on top of existing cabinets. So I got a few quotes from some local South Australian acrylic case makers, and selected a place called Menzel Plastics. They had a great reputation, were the cheapest, but had an excellent build quality too!

I ordered 4 pairs of cases, and picked up the first two pairs recently. Click through below to check out my video showing how I've placed them and which figures I displayed. There are a few more pics below too. I should be picking up the other two pairs in the next couple of weeks. These should all give me some extra room to spread out the collection and display the figures in a less cluttered way.

Still some room for Tarkin and Palpatine on the right, and Hoth Leia on the left.

Love how the Bounty Hunters look with Han!

Still rearranging a few things, but overall pretty happy with this side of the room now. Stay tuned for more pics when the other two pairs of cases get picked up!

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