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21 Nov 2018

Some recent pics of 1/6th scale figures

Here are some of my recent photos of 1/6th scale figures in my collection. Need to figure out how to photo shop in some decent backgrounds instead of this boring white lightbox I have :D

The old Hot Toys DX12 Batman figure lacks the articulation and size of the newer figures, but still looks pretty great standing at attention on the base.

I got the Deluxe version of the Hot Toys Boba Fett with the Sarlacc Pit, but it does look pretty weird next to the figure. It's really only good for perspective shots in the background. Either way, the figure itself looks nice posed in the standard Boba fashion.

Sideshow doesn't do great work with human figures, but troopers and aliens are where they excel. I love their original trilogy pilot figures. They have the flight suit down pat, and their helmet work is generally good. This TIE Fighter pilot does have the tailoring issue that makes it appear to have a very small, feminine waist. But other than that, the figure is a great representation of the TIE pilot.

Sideshow continued the great work with their similar AT-AT Driver. Again the helmet work is very nice as is the chest plate. The boots and gloves are little too rigid, but overall poseability is enough to look cool on display.

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