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20 Nov 2018

Some recent pics of Transformers Masterpiece figures

Here are some recent pics of the Transformers Masterpiece figures in my collection. Here's hoping to some new molds in 2019!

These Robots In Black still look great!

The Bumblebee mold still looks great. I like the combat mask on the G2 gold version!

Tracks isn't the favourite of a lot of MP collectors, but I think it looks fantastic. In my book, the mold is a perfect mix of G1 cartoon aesthetics, articulation, and gorgeous official car mode!

The new Sunstreaker mold late last year was awesome, and this new police car Diaclone repaint is the perfect homage to the original toys by Takara. Love the head sculpt and additional paint and molding details.

The anime version of Prowl looks pretty nice too. Definitely prefer it in the bot mode though rather than the car mode. The original release just looks classier in car mode.

The anime versions of Sideswipe, Prowl, and Red Alert look fantastic in bot mode. They really fit in much nicer with the more recent MP figures that essentially have their anime paint apps straight up!

Here's hoping for a Diaclone black Ironhide repaint soon!

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