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16 Jul 2022

Since I have the original release of the Hot Toys Marty McFly, I thought I could pass on the more recent release with Einstein. But since they also announced the Doc Brown in his radiation suit, and included Einstein with this release, I just couldn't resist.

Click the link below to watch my full video review over on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel. I do a comparison with the previous release, and there is a suprising number of differences. There are pros and cons both ways, but I think fans who missed out on the original will be pretty happy with this release.

Packaging comes with a decent array of accessories, many of which are from the original release. Major accessory missing from that original release are the sunglasses, as well as the guitar. But I think they pretty much included everything else.

As shown in my video review, there are some slight differences in the backpack as well. But the main differences really come through when looking at the figure's outfit.

The material used for this release has a finer texture to it, and I think it makes the figure look more refined. The original outfit has a denim texture that is perhaps a bit too coarse in this 1/6th scale. It still looks pretty nice, and some of the stitching I prefer. But the finer texture in the jeans and denim jacket look maybe a tad more realistic here.

The head sculpt itself is another obvious difference with the original figure. The expression is similar, and the hair on this new release doesn't ride so high. But I think the hair is a little too flat in its paint app, missing the highlights that would avoid making it look like a chunk of brown plastic.

The skin texture is also a different shade to the original figure, and is more realistic too. Overall, displayed with Einstein and the camcorder, it does look like a great representation of the scene from the carpark in Back to the Future.

I can't wait to see how Radiation Suit Doc Brown turns out, as well as the BTTF3 versions of Doc and Marty too. I'm glad that Hot Toys is still interested in making variants from those movies to give fans something a bit different from the usual Marvel and Star Wars fare.

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