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12 Aug 2013

Kotobukiya ArtFX+ New 52 Justice League Batman statue

The last Kotobukiya ArtFX+ New 52 statue I received, that are currently available, is the Batman statue. And wow this New 52 design is AWESOME!! I'm not sure what all the fans are complaining about! I think this costume perfectly blends the classic with the modern, and makes for a beautiful suit in its detailing and colour.

The head sculpt has some clear anime influence to it, and the cowl and overall head sculpt is beautifully done. The metallic silver on this suit is amazingly done by Kotobukiya, and is the stand out feature on this statue. I love the new lines and pattern on the New 52 suits, and this paint app simply brings it to life.

The pose is simple on this one, which suits the character pretty well. And I love the way the cape flows back over the shoulders and doesn't come too far forward of the arms. That look was fine for Keaton Batman, but this new character needs to show off that suit!

The gauntlets on this statue are also amazingly detailed and painted well. With the shiny boots, the black here accentuates the silver in a very classy way.

As with the others, again the statue looks incredible from all angles. These statues don't just have one hero angle, but look perfect no matter the viewing direction. As you can see in the above photo, the cape drapes beautifully over the back.

And did I say the cape was beautiful? I mean just LOOK at that sculpting!! I know it's just a cape, but the way they've sculpted the elegant flow of the cape, the figure also looks amazingly awesome and ominous from the rear view. It's done with a softer plastic material, but be careful when moving around as those sharper points in the cape may break off if you bump it against something.

Again the statue comes with a magnetic base and magnets in the feet. The statue feels very secure and stable on this stand, perhaps with the additional and evenly distributed weight of the large cape. The stance is quite wide too, which helps with the stability.

Overall, this Batman is my favourite among the six New 52 statues so far. Sure the paint app isn't as amazingly in-your-face beautiful as the Flash or Aquaman, but this one is a little more subtle in its awesomeness. The silver shine, and amazing detail in the gauntlets along with the deep metallic blacks, coupled with a beautifully sculpted cape, really make this statue the standard bearer in an already stellar lineup! It gets my highest recommendation!

Check out the Kool Kollectibles youtube channel video review below!

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