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12 Aug 2013

Kotobukiya ArtFX+ New 52 Justice League Superman statue

The Kotobukiya ArtFX+ New 52 Justice League Superman statue I think captures a great mix of the classic, iconic look with the modern touches in fashion now. There was a lot of controversy over the New 52 costumes, but I think they look great. Of course it helps that the Kotobukiya statues have amazing paint apps that really make the costumes shine and stand out on display.

The head sculpt is quite good, with a more serious visage that I prefer to any of Superman smiling. The hair is sculpted nicely, and the facial paint app is quite good. Eyes are always difficult areas with lots of paint slop around the eyes and face, but Kotobukiya have done a nice job here.

The pose they've selected for the statue depicts strength and an inner purpose without being too over the top or dynamic. Pretty much perfect as the point figure in a Justice League group display.

The lines and patterns on the suit and boots accurately capture the New 52 look, and are done very precisely with no colour bleeding. The muscular sculpting is also done nicely, without the overlay buff look that can sometimes affect other anime characters. The iconic "S" on his chest is done very nicely, with a nice gold colour used too.

The statue looks great from pretty much all angles. If anything, the only thing that I could fault would be perhaps the overall body proportions in the legs. I actually find the legs are a little short, particularly when compared with the other males in the Justice League team here. It may be because the red belt is placed a little low on his hips causing an illusion of shorter legs, but I think it would've been slightly better raising the belt or making the legs a little longer or making the torso slightly shorter.

Still, even from behind the statue looks amazing. I really love the way they made the cape look, with a natural drape coming to a point in the middle. The symbol is painted on well and looks nice against the red.

The magnets in the feet work really well with the magnetic base to add some flexibility in placing the statue on the base. This works particularly well when posing the entire team together, where you can move the statues closer together or change their orientation slightly while still using all the bases lined up together.

With this statue, either up close or from a normal viewing distance, you'll be extremely happy with the quality. The metallic blue is a perfect hue, and you really could spend a lot of time just staring at it :) If some company was able to make an actual articulated figure with a similar paint app and a wide range of articulation joints that weren't too obvious, that would be amazing. But until then, I think this statue is a great representation of the New 52 Superman and will be a welcome addition to any collection!

Highly recommended! Check out the Kool Kollectibles youtube channel video review too below :)

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