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12 Aug 2013

Kotobukiya ArtFX+ New 52 Justice League statues!!

Well, I'd been on the fence about the Kotobukiya ArtFX+ statues for a while now, since I was trying to stick to action figures only. I do like to change up the poses in the display every now and then, so the poseability of action figures is something I prefer.

And for the New 52 Justice League, I was actually very close to ordering the DC Collectibles "We Can Be Heroes" 7-pack of action figures. But online reviews pretty much showed that they had limited articulation and were pretty much statues anyway.

So when Kotobukiya started releasing the New 52 Justice League team in their ArtFX+ range, with what looked to be some amazing paint apps, I was very interested! And then recently they announced the ArtFX+ Avengers series of statues for 2014, so with that I couldn't resist any longer. I went to a local collectibles store and saw the statues in person, and was pretty much convinced on the spot :)

The statues are packaged very nicely in clear transparent boxes that showcase the characters very well. So you could actually display them in the boxes without taking them out if you wanted, and they would still look awesome. The front view has a clear full body view of the statue with their classic named logos. Nice!

The side view also has their iconic insignia logos, which is a very nice touch I think. The box for Batman is the largest to cater for his flowing cape.

The other side of the box has some awesome artwork for each character, than when placed together combine for a larger mural of them all. You can see on the right the shoulder of the upcoming Cyborg statue, which should be reaching retail in either late August or early September. Can't wait to get that and complete the core New 52 Justice League team :)

I'm not exactly sure what material is used to manufacture the statues, but they are all fairly light weight and feel sturdy. Each statue comes with a magnetic base and magnets inside the statue's feet which gives some awesome flexibility in placing them on display, especially when grouped together. I much prefer these to the usual bases that come with action figures that have pegs.

But the best part of course is the metallic, reflective paint app on the statues themselves. The quality of the paint work is very high overall, with minimal slop and bleeding. The face sculpts all have an anime influence, which is understandable given Kotobukiya is a Japanese company and this is their master sculptor's Goutaro Takeuchi's interpretation of the New 52 characters.

How do they look out of the box you ask? Absolutely SENSATIONAL is how!! :) These look great in pretty much any direction, and in all kinds of lighting, although if you have lights that are better for reflecting or spotlighting (eg. downlights, LEDs), then these will really pop!

Stay tuned for a more detailed review, pics, and video on each individual statue! :)

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