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24 Aug 2013

Lego 21103 Cuusoo #004 Back to the Future set

Hey all, I finally received by order of the Lego 21103 Cuusoo Back to the Future set! And as the first Back to the Future collectible I've owned, I'm loving this little set!! :)

I was very excited when this was announced quite a while ago, so was keeping track of released dates and potential retailers. But as the release date drew near, I still didn't really know who I could order this from! The official Lego site had this for around $100 shipped to Australia, which really was a little too high for this item.

But luckily, a friend and follower of the Kool Kollectibles Facebook page posted that he had ordered from a UK online retailer called Zavvi for about $60 shipped to Australia. Still pretty expensive, but a lot cheaper than the official Lego site and ebay prices! So I jumped on and ordered immediately!

And after about 10 days, it arrived very nicely protected and packaged for shipping. I was definitely glad to finally get it in and see if it lived up to the hype!

The box art is pretty nicely done, and seems slightly better quality than the standard Lego sets that are released. But at this premium price range, that should be expected!

The back cover art shows off the three variants of the Delorean that can be built. For me, I stuck with the classic version from the first movie, although changing to the other variants is quite easy and simple.

Normally Lego releases comes with a sticker set, but I was definitely glad that this BTTF set does not, and all the decos are tamped on, so no fumbling around trying to get stickers perfectly straight!

I love how they changed the date so reflect the date the first Lego brick was produced. Nice little touch there by Lego!

Another point of interest is the mis-spelling of the word "shield" on the flux capacitor. Apparently Lego have been recalling stock to correct the piece, so I've been told to hang onto this piece as it might become a rare collectors piece one day! Strange, because that never even occurred to me! I was simply going to email Lego and ask if they could send me a replacement piece since I heard they are very good at doing that with customers. I'll have to wait and see how that turns out :)

The build itself is not too difficult, and took me just on an hour, but should be quicker for more experienced Lego builders. It's enjoyable without being too frustrating, and the end result looks great!

Some reviews have said that the design could've been more streamlined and less blocky, and perhaps could have been a larger scale. But I actually like a lot of the design elements they used and makes it quite flexible to modifications if you're so inclined.

The scale suits the included Doc and Marty mini-figs, and they do fit in sungly inside the car. I love that the doors swing up as they should, and the use of hinges is nice on a lot of areas in the design.

The Delorean looks sweet from pretty much all angles except perhaps directly front on. The side and rear views are the best, showing a lot of the little details that they included.

I love the classic number plate, and they also include the variant plate from the second movie where it turns into a barcode. But the OUTATIME plate is pure classic, so that's how mine will stay :)

The wheels are rubberised, which is pretty standard for Lego vehicles these days (I would love if Kreo did that too!!) Overall, I love that I have this little set in my collection now. It looks great on display with Doc and Marty, so if you can find one in stock for a reasonable price, I'd just straight on it! It seems to be selling out quickly wherever it is listed, so get in while you can!!

I also did a video review up on the Kool Kollectibles youtube channel, so check that out if you can! Like, comment, subscribe!! Talk to you all soon! ;)

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