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3 Nov 2016

Hot Toys MMS337 Rey and BB-8

Out of all the Hot Toys Force Awakens figures, Rey and BB-8 were the two I was anticipating the most. And they do not disappoint!

Click the link below to watch my full video review on the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel.

The packaging is the usual Hot Toys classy style, and the great set of accessories and the figures themselves make this a great overall package to get!

The tailoring on Rey I think is very good. The instructions warn against leaving the hood and scarf etc on too long because it may stain the head sculpt. It's also very difficult and fiddly to get on, so I didn't even bother trying.

I love her minimalist look that she had for most of the movie, so have gone with that on display. Using the sand base and having BB-8 peer out from behind just looks fantastic in the cabinet.

The head sculpt isn't their best. I think the Princess Leia had a much better likeness, but the usual paint app and detailing is of the high Hot Toys standard. If they had tweaked it a little, it could've been better.

Together with Finn, they both look awesome. I did the ankle mod on Finn to make him shorter, and the overall scale between them is much more movie accurate now. I think Hot Toys have done a great job with these two, and I just wish they would announce a Poe Dameron!

Here's how they look in my display cabinet now with the First Order bad guys. I think the overall quality of the TFA Hot Toys figures has been pretty good. Still deciding if I'll get the Han/Chewie pack and Luke as well, but I think I'll cave soon, especially if there's a discount code to use lol! :)

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